565 Somerset St. Ottawa, Ontario. K1R 5K2
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Spanish Lessons We offer the chance to interact with native speakers while participating in exciting and interesting activities. REAL experiences include: different activities such as Scavenger hunts, grocery shopping and dinner parties, salsa lessons and game nights.
Intensive Spanish
Basic Spanish
Spanish Club Conversational
Traveling Spanish
Coffee Spanish
Personal Spanish Lessons

Our Teaching Principles
• Learning through conversation.
• Applying concepts vs. learning classroom theory.
• Live a bilingual life.
• Having fun interactive experiences.
• Preliminary interview to set up goals of the program

Why Us? Call us for MORE details 613-680-5454

We teach using concepts just like everyone else the difference is we also use these five distinctions:

1. Be responsible in conversation – This teaches our students to learn from every conversation that they engage in. Our students produce extraordinary results because they learn from speaking Spanish in the community. 
2. Be willing to do things you don’t know how to do – This allows our students to explore and play with language without the constraints of being worried they are “not getting it right” or “having to know it all before speaking Spanish”. Our students develop the ability to continue to engage others in conversation even though they may feel awkward at first.
3. We expand student’s capacity to learn through sounds. – Language is not visible so training people to learn through sounds enables them to learn more effectively.
4.We have our students create language instead of mimicking phrases. – We give our students the necessary blocks to create their own sentences and say what they really want to say.
5.We train our students to engage others by asking questions. – This allows our students more opportunity to speak and the ability to stay in a conversation for a longer period of time.